Where Lead Generation Meets Virtual Selling

Are your cold email outreaches falling flat? Is social selling leading to results far below your expectations? Then it might be time to explore tweaking your lead generation strategies. 

Study after study indicates seller outreach is increasing and prospect responses are dramatically decreasing.

You know the noise I’m referring to… Full inboxes, a constant newsfeed on social media that never ends, and distractions from notifications you wish you could figure out how to turn off. You’re likely overwhelmed by all the digital hubbub, and you better believe that your prospects are too.

If you are serious about growing your sales hit the damn button below.

Virtual Lead

The lead generation game has changed much like everything else. Instead of only including cold calls and emails and a rare in person meeting you need much more in your toolset. Video prospecting, SMS, Direct Mail, leveraging my top 20 nationally ranked podcast by Forbes. The messaging also has changed for cold calls and emails.

Virtual Lead Gen

From targeted account lists that make the most sense for you to target, to the contacts within these organizations and their contact information down to their cell phone, to each individual’s online personality assessment based on historical online behavior giving you a guide of how to most effectively interact with them throughout the sales process. These products will make your lead gen pop!

Sales Intersection

A podcast regarding the Intersection of money and meaning. Featured in Yahoo and Forbes (ranked top 20 in the nation) these episodes provide content and legendary guests discussing how we derive meaning from sales and positively impact the evolution of the sales profession.

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Be sure to keep up with the latest industry trends based on what is working and what is not among the industry’s biggest and brightest stars. Additionally this will be a place where you can be in tune with all the current offerings and ongoings at Sales Intersection.

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How To Make Your Leads Pop?

Sales Intersection started out as a podcast where my guests and I would discuss how we derive meaning from sales. As it transformed into a business it’s now about the intersection of lead generation and meaning. In today’s selling environment how to we evoke emotion, trust, curiosity, and excitement with our prospects. How do we make the process meaningful for them? That’s what Sales Intersection is all about. And I’ve put a series of videos on how to make your lead generation work for you. So watch the first video here on your left or click the below link to watch all of them.

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You hit your quota, you’re a good person. You don’t, you’re a bad person. My guests and I explore how to maximize the color and minimize the black and white with Sales Intersection Podcasts. Subscribe to our podcasts on following platforms to enjoy them on the go…

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Our Clients Love Us

Ryan Peterson Account Executive at Zingtree

Eric’s resume speaks for itself. His talent in sales as well as his leadership skills adds tremendous value to any organization. Eric has a deep and wide understanding of marketing technology: brand, communications, strategy, demand gen and product, coupled with a passion for helping clients drive more revenue through ABM. Eric brings out-of-the-box thinking together with laser-like focus and his opinions are extremely valuable to me personally and professionally.

Benji Taylors Senior Technical Architect at Slack

Eric is one of the most unique talents I had the opportunity to work with. He brought a wide range of skills to the accounts that he worked which allowed him to build extremely strong relationships and lasting partnerships. On the personal front, Eric is an extremely trustworthy dependable colleague. He will always find time for his co-workers and is an amazing team mate. I would jump at the chance to have the opportunity to work with Eric again

Kasey Jones Co-Founder at FounderUp

Eric is a remarkably heart-centered human and sales professional. He brings an impressive drive to make a difference to everything he does, which is how he builds such strong relationships with everyone that has the honor of being on his podcast. He envisions a world in which B2B sales is, well, done differently and more focused on the human-side of life and business. A mission that inspires so many of us and that we all so eagerly support him pursuing. If you don't know him, fix that.

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    What is lead generation?

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