Story of Sales intersection and Eric jones

One day I realized I didn’t want ‘sales rep‘ to be on my tombstone. My legacy will be more than that. That’s when I started my podcast ‘Sales Intersection: The intersection of money and meaning‘ which also aligns with my sales development and training consultancy also called ‘Sales Intersection‘.

I wanted to create something of my own that generates impact, curiosity, meaning, and compassion. At the same time my 17+ years in sales and marketing allow me to provide value to any segment in a person’s career.

Fast forward and I continuously received signs I made the right decision. A few examples, here is an article Yahoo wrote about me pioneering sales, marketing, and lead generation in a virtual business world. Recently Forbes wrote an article naming my podcast one of the top 20 in the nation!

My services are relevant for any individual, group, or business that has a focus on new customer acquisition, lead generation, virtual selling, social selling, video for sales & marketing, LinkedIn (social media) mastery, contact data, and overall Sales & Marketing expertise for both B2B and B2C efforts.

In an age where buzzwords like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation become table stakes, hyper-personalization, empathy, and a human touch are progressively more necessary for conversions. I can apply this to messaging through email, voice, video, podcasting, social, or even the contact’s personal home address or mobile phone.

Who is

Eric Jones

This is Eric Brakebill Jones and I’ve exceeded annual quota 14 of my 17 years in sales. I have a 81%+ cold outreach response rate, 69%+ conversion to qualified opportunity, and finally at 56% uptick in annual revenue. These statistics are based on 17+ years in B2B tech sales including working for Salesforce.com. They also apply to both B2B and B2C sales.

I’m the most recommended offering of my kind in my community in San Francisco. I guarantee to provide an uptick in your opportunity generation across 50+ verticals.

As a Yahoo article noted about me, my proprietary technology and methodology is literally changing the industry. My research uses a workflow to create opportunities and provide targeted lists based on your ideal buyer profile and potential addressable market.

My nearly 20 year tested workflow drives prospect engagement with multiple personalized sales touches. I route active prospects to your sales team or onboard new clients for you.

Numbers don't lie

People can lie but numbers don’t

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cold outreach response rate

this is the response rate I get from my cold outreach efforts

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Conversion Rate

this is the conversion rate for Qualified Opportunities

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Uptick in Revenue

this is the percentage of uptick in revenue for my clients.

Forget my words

Yes, forget my words on My Overall Performance, Take This Humbling Testimonial From A Very Recent Boss:

"Eric was the salmon that swam all the way upstream and then kept going...the standards he holds for himself far exceed those set on him by the organization and by me as a client. He demonstrates effectiveness in both individual contributing and managerial sales development. Eric is a knowledgeable business leader who will not just be an asset, he will extract the best out of an organization or your partnership with him as the Founder of 'Sales Intersection'. I look forward to working with Eric in the future."
Recent Boss
— Co-Founder.
New York, USA