Sales Intersection

Intersection of money and meaning

Sales Intersection started as a podcast focused on the intersection of money and meaning.  As it continuous to gain momentum and attention, most notably being ranked by Forbes a top 20 podcast nationally, Sales Intersection progressively works with individuals, groups and small business with lead generation and prospecting.

69% of sales organizations say lead generation and prospecting is the most challenging part of sales. Sales Intersection boosts your cold to opportunity conversion rate by 85% and lead to qualified opportunity by 73%. Principally, the tools used for providing these results includes email marketing, mobile marketing, video prospecting, podcast marketing, social selling and personality analysis.

I often ask upon initial engagement isn’t it ironic that sales attracts the most colorful personalities yet evaluates you in the most archaic, binary and limiting paradigm that exists – quota, Brass tacks — we help you assess your color and leverage it to be a massive success regardless of evaluation method. 

I prefer anyone interested or that finds these services relevant speak to my clients for an authentic sense of my impact.