Season 1 Episode 7 – Daxy Perez

Daxy Perez, my 7th guest of Sales Intersection sits down with me with a focus on his success in the podcasting space. After years of nomad freelancing he ventured into starting his own podcast agency and it was a massive success. In under 12 months, he grew to managing over 25 podcasts for some of the biggest names in the internet marketing and entrepreneur space online. In this episode Daxy speaks to the 5 love languages and which two are his and how this relates to optimizing sales performance. He also gets into the importance of leveraging influencers in his industry, knowing that community, and offering solutions to “follow up problems”. This is where he’s a “ninja”, not by addressing the primary problem. Extremely interesting and if you want to better understand any of this check out this episode. I’ve chopped it down by half to be more of a highlight reel. I’ll be doing this going forward. Enjoy!

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