Season 2 Episode 3 – Brian Bar

Our guest is Victory Lap’s CEO, Brian Bar, in Sales Intersection’s season 2 episode 3 podcast. After an 8 week sales training bootcamp Victory Lap grads are hired by the most prestigious and fastest growing companies across the nation.

Brian Bar first crafted the idea for Victory Lap in 2010, in-between jobs and career paths, backpacking Europe. He was perplexed as to why so many individuals struggled to achieve career success and felt strongly the solution had to be tied to the closer merger of education and employment.

While building, growing and leading sales teams, Brian saw first-hand how people from all different backgrounds – extroverts, introverts, people with an Ivy League degree, people with no degree – all have an equal chance at success. Inspired, he set out to build the world’s leading Sales Education company to provide aspiring professionals with world class education and career opportunities, as well as give companies access to the most prepared and in-demand sales talent pool on the market.

To start your first company a few months before the birth of your first child takes a mission that is worth it. Three years and three kids later, the story is just getting started.

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