Season 2 Episode 7 – Rahul Wadhwa

This episode of ‘The Sales Intersection – The Intersection of Money and Meaning’ features guest Rahul Wadhwa. Podcast host in India, and the only B2B Sales podcast host in India to land a sponsorship in his first 6 months.

Head of Global Sales Development at Salesken and Co-Founder and Host of Sales Spin, the first podcast in Indian history to lock down a sponsor within the first 6 months of podcasting.

In fact the only B2B podcast to get a sponsor in India. A legend to be if you ask me. But most importantly a man of integrity.

Excited to finally move on to an editing level where it doesn’t look like an 11 year old produced the podcast video or audio episode.

Special thanks to Rahul Wadhwa –

Harsh –

Naman –

A self-described boring ambivert, expert on sales development who discloses some of his secret sauce for managing SDRs, and besides a few other themes the reasons he believes he attributes to his hyper-growth, hockey stick level of growth. Please watch and provide feedback! If you google ‘Sales Intersection’ you’ll get options for my website, all audio platforms, etc. to select from if video isn’t your jam.

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