Season 3 The International Tour!: Episode 1 with Sarah Jolley-Jarvis Full Episode

his may be the most fun I’ve had on a podcast episode. And that’s saying a lot. International best selling author of ‘Selling without Sleaze’ joins me on this one. Let’s be honest. If you’ve ever been told to send unsolicited DM’s to people on social media, or to not let someone get off the phone until they’ve committed to the sale, or to not stop harassing a prospect until they tell you to leave them alone, then sadly you’ve experienced selling with sleaze! The good news is that right here you can get a taste of the other side, Selling WITHOUT Sleaze. Sarah Jolley Jarvis International Best Selling Author | Speaker | Helping Businesses Secure More Sales| Customer Experience & Retention| Sales Training| Selling Without Sleaze| Confident Selling is here to share her awesomeness on Sales Intersection.

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