Those in need of Sales Coaching, prospecting, cold calling, using LinkedIn or LinkedIn Navigator, understanding how to use video or podcasting for personal or company growth.

Those that want to push sales to the next level. Resume optimization, to landing an interview, acing the interview, excelling at being an SDR or Account Executive all the way to Enterprise Sales and Management. We also help many startup founders with guidance on how to execute a go to market plan for sales.

Individuals, groups, or small startups that are trying to figure out how to achieve my average client rate of 113% uptick in conversions using video, podcasting, and other forms of media.

As an example I actually run a podcast and have booked guests in my first year versus veterans who still can’t get the same guests to come on their show. It took me one or two attempts versus a never or 9-12 months. You need the ear of a CEO, CRO, CMO, CTO, Director Level? I know how to get their attention and turn it into opportunities. This also always applied to how I went about penetrating commercial and Enterprise accounts. I was the guy that could get it.

That is a specific example associated with landing an interview or a job but I help answer the question ‘Isn’t it ironic sales attracts the most colorful characters yet no 10 year old says ‘sales’ when asked what they want to be when they grow up? Colorful personalities evaluated in the most archaic, binary, and character oriented way (quota). Specifically I help further define my client’s colors and leverage them through video, podcasting, blogs, content, etc. to be a massive success regardless of the model in which they’re evaluated.

Jones offers services in Sales Development and Training. See the below links for more information on different packages available:

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