• Meet and greet.
  • Get a firm understanding of your goals, your ideal customer or company,       where you want to improve and the tactics you’d like to employ.
  • Ensure my ideas after listening to your goals are aligned with what you feel would be a massive success

 Strategy Session – $250

  • This will of course depend on your goal (resume optimization, interview prepping, starting out as an SDR, transitioning to Enterprise, or transitioning from Enterprise to VP or Head of Sales
  • We will begin to construct a plan to identify the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. ideal companies or personas for you to target. Depending on your existing toolset I can use some of mine or I can guide you on the ones you’re using to prioritize the list. We’ll then work on a first step for reach out. 
  • During this one hour meeting we’ll metrics to benchmark your success whether you feel comfortable using the same ones your company does or if they’re more fitting for you.

Ongoing Sessions – $300

  • From here we should have a clear understanding if the value I’m providing is affecting your performance in a positive way. 
  • In addition to the sales and marketing consulting I provide i also help you use video, podcasting, blogs, LinkedIn content, etc. to establish yourself as a thought leader. For credibility I can tell you my podcast was named top 20 in the nation and have been featured in Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, and dozens of podcasts. 
  • At this point we should be able to be on a path where you’re succeeding and feeling happy about your job using the tools I suggest to add to your toolkit and use my tutelage to maximize their potential. I expect you to make at least 60% more in annual revenue if you’re following my guidelines.